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Unified Platform

A fully integrated suite of invention and intellectual property asset management products

We bring together everything that’s required to manage your inventions and intellectual property assets in a single platform.

IP Asset Management

Our platform streamlines operations and enables strategic decision-making for IP administrators and portfolio managers allowing them to access, update, manage, and visualize their IP.

Invention Management

Inventors can accurately and securely submit disclosures using a simple and easy-to-use invention management system while being able to obtain input and feedback from stakeholders.

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Platform Benefits

Benefit from the key features on our platform

IP Asset Management

Real-time Status

Instantaneous snapshot of your entire intellectual property portfolio.

Auto Archiving

Automatic document filing and storage from email communications.

Cost Forecasting

Accurately forecast prosecution costs by department or business unit.

Invention Management​

Better Patents

Efficient workflows allow inventors to submit higher quality disclosures.


Access and workflows for multiple IP decision-makers.                                        

Auto Routing

Automatic routing and notification of disclosure task completion.


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