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IP Administrator

The Decipher platform offers IP administrators a simple to use interface that provides the ability to:

  • Accurately and reliably record all IP asset data and docket entries
  • Quickly and efficiently update information
  • Keep stakeholders and decision-makers informed
  • Ensure IP asset data integrity
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Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Managers are focused on understanding their patent portfolio for their business and communicating the associated value to their organization and investors. The Decipher platform offers Portfolio managers the ability to:

  • Understand their patent portfolio
  • Visualize and communicate the value of managed IP assets
  • Connect IP assets to company products and financials
  • Stay ahead of market trends
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Decipher IP’s inventor portal provides inventors a simple user interface to invention disclosure forms that execute customizable disclosure workflows. Inventors are provided with the ability to:

  • Efficiently submit invention disclosures
  • Track the status of invention disclosures
  • Reply to questions and comments by stakeholders and decision-makers
  • Search for related disclosures
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