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Unified Platform

A fully integrated suite of invention and intellectual property asset management products

We bring together everything that’s required to manage inventions and intellectual property assets in a single platform.

A complete IP asset management platform, engineered for improving efficiency and reducing costs

Search and mine all of the assets in your intellectual property portfolio with Decipher’s powerful IP asset management software designed to more efficiently manage your IP portfolio.

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A complete IP asset management platform, engineered for improving efficiency and reducing costs


IP asset management features

Portfolio organization

IP Administrators and Portfolio Managers can view the status of their entire intellectual property portfolio in real-time with the click of a button, allowing them to make better value creation, resource allocation, strategic, and management decisions.

Time-sensitive activities

IP Administrators and Portfolio Managers can proactively protect IP assets by avoiding missed payment deadlines, penalties, and opportunities, allowing them to stay ahead of important time-sensitive activities while maintaining an audit trail of all activities for process and compliance related reporting.

Auto archiving

Automatic document filing and storage from email communications capability allows IP Administrators to quickly archive, and subsequently view and retrieve, email communications and any attachments to Decipher.


The Decipher platform is highly configurable and flexible, allowing IP Administrators and Portfolio Managers to implement the platform around the needs of their organization rather than implement their organization into a management platform.

Custom workflows

Decipher elevates workflow management by offering comprehensive and customizable workflow and permission controls. IP Administrators can craft a unified workflow ecosystem, with the flexibility to categorize and isolate distinct segments of their IP asset portfolio.

Cost forecasting

Portfolio Managers can accurately forecast patent prosecution costs by department or business unit, allowing them to analyze patent prosecution costs by Outside Counsel, activity type, cost categorization, and more.

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IP lifecycle management services

IP landscapes

Deciphers IP landscaping service provides a map of the technologies and companies competing in a given field and outlines the relationships in that field, revealing IP, technological, and business trends that can be used to inform important business and strategic decisions.

Taxonomy development

With the use of our proprietary software, third-party subject matter experts, and technology domain inputs, Decipher can develop IP asset taxonomies that feature multi-level, multi-dimensional, and multi-level patent categorization from a technology and product perspective.

Licensing support

In order to properly convey the need for a target customer to licensing a patent, patent portfolio, or technology, it is important to compare the claims within a patent to the products utilizing the underlying technology. Deciphers licensing support services can demonstrate this mapping of claim to a product or service with an Evidence of Use chart or a Claim Chart.

Portfolio evaluation

Decipher can organize and rank the assets in your portfolio and those of your competitors. The output of the ranking analysis provides customers with a numerical score representing the potential value of each and every asset within a given portfolio.

IP valuation

Decipher IP valuation services offer an analysis of individual patents, patent portfolios, and technologies by taking into account numerous qualitative and quantitative factors. The analysis, and resulting valuation report, is a data-driven process managed and prepared by IP valuation and subject matter experts.

Market research

With the use of proprietary software and subject matter experts, Decipher combines IP business intelligence and analytics to deliver compelling and insightful competitive and market intelligence.

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