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Innovation Asset Group Announces Rebrand

© Innovation Asset Group, Inc. is now rebranded as Decipher® IP. The name change better reflects the company direction and the exciting new products and solutions that will be offered.

The company, an award-winning intellectual property (IP) asset management software and services provider, was founded in 2002 with the mission of helping organizations be more successful in managing their investments in intellectual property. Since that time, the IP asset management market has evolved with the advancement of new software tools and cloud based technologies.

Intellectual Property (IP) asset lifecycle management remains a challenge for enterprises of all sizes, requiring complex monitoring and decision making from multiple participants, with numerous activities and high incurred costs. Companies further spend significant capital on 3rd party tools to develop, manage, and automate their asset lifecycle management. Despite the various solutions available in the market, there is still no single software solution that addresses the complete set of IP asset lifecycle management needs.

To reflect the present reality of the IP asset management market, Decipher® IP has reinvigorated its investment in its Decipher® platform with a change in ownership and management. We are passionate about IP and believe there is a better, more integrated approach to developing and managing IP assets. Our mission is to offer that solution.

As our customers utilize our Decipher® platform to better manage their IP assets, the brand’s purpose – one driven by its customers needs – has been redefined as reflected in changes to our design, mission, and brand.

Visit to explore our new website and expanded portfolio of service offerings.

Rob Dhat – CEO, Decipher® IP