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Intellectual Property Audit

An IP audit is a systematic examination of a company’s intellectual property assets, related agreements, relevant policies, and compliance procedures. It enables a company to create an inventory of its intellectual property assets, update it, and analyze the following elements: 

  • how IP assets are used or not used; 
  • whether these IP assets infringe on the rights of others or are infringed on by others; and 
  • in light of all of this information, determine what actions must be taken with respect to each IP asset, or a portfolio of such assets, to serve business goals.

Maximizing the value of your company’s intellectual property should be one of your top priorities. Often times this requires the use of an IP asset management system to create an inventory of your IP assets. Decipher® IP will conduct a free review of your current situation and assist you in determining the best course of action for your company.

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